Textile factory & office building

    • Client:


    • Address:

Bucuresti, str. Granitului nr. 12

    • Total area:


    • Height:

S+P+1E retras+2E retras

    • Project stage:

PAC – 12.2008


The small textile factory from Granitului str. is an industrial building with modern, custom design, a perfect blend of our client’s needs and the imagination of our architects in order to develop a strategy that should spatially integrate production activity with employee welfare, as well as it can be done.

Land conditions and the functional destination determined a simple, rectangle building with a hierarchic vertical distribution of the production and administration areas: the space for main activities (textiles fabrication) was located on ground floor and 1st floor, near immediate access, a few storage rooms in the basement and some offices along with a showroom, on the top floor. The clear configuration of the exterior (the bar shape of the building) as well as the interior one (organizing activities starting from the down floors to the upper ones) answers directly to all production line applications from process initiation to the packaging of textiles and delivering them to retailers. The facades of the factory were also subordinated to the destination of the building for a better control of lighting in the work spaces.